Work Tops For Retail Made In Italy

For more than 50 years, Silveri Marmi e Graniti has been dealing with work tops for retail made in Italy, selling to our customers an extremely high quality, together with a great professionalism in the job.

Our partners, who have been turning to us for many years for buying interior design elements made of marble and granite, are sure they will enjoy high quality products, made with chosen raw materials, and supplied by a company which puts the customer’s satisfaction at the first place.

Our company has been building its sturdy foundations for 50 years of experience in the market. We are future-oriented: this means we are continually investing on new technologies and a better approach to business, following the natural market’s evolutions.

Our aim is to keep on growing, together with our customers.


Silveri Marmi e Graniti is born in Tuscania (VT) in 1962 as a family management workshop, under Antonio Silveri’s guideline.

The company has been more and more evolving in the design branch, selling work tops for retail made in Italy, natural stones and conglomerates as new materials for every use, from the domestic environments (as for example bathrooms, kitchens, or living rooms) to the working ones, coming to the funeral arts, where the hand of an artist, who moves on an illustrious material, is necessary for the creation of an object which fully represents the memory of the deceased.

Thanks to the long business experience, which has evolved during the years, and the strong inclination towards craftsmanship, guarantee of a perfect work, Silveri Marmi e Graniti is a synonym of quality and precision for its customers.


Don’t wait any longer, and start getting in touch with us for buying your work tops for retail made in Italy: you will surely be satisfied from our job.