Vanity Tops Bathrooms Made In Italy

On this page you have the possibility to see on video our machine in action in the sizing process for creating our precious vanity tops for bathrooms made in Italy. We employ this particular technique to flatten the surface of our products in marble and granite, in order to make them perfectly smooth and harmonious.

It’s a kind of finish which is carried out through the employment of some particular rotary machines, usually with diamond pointed tools, helped by water and pressure in their action.

Through this procedure all of our furniture elements end up perfect on view, elegant and delicate, for really making classy any room you want to decorate, best adapting to a classical, vintage environment, and a more modern, original, and eccentric environment.


Silveri Marmi e Graniti can supply for your home its typical vanity tops for bathrooms made in Italy, using the sizing process: they are very refined objects, which can give a more elegant touch in a house or in any other kind of environment (like for example an office).

Our production is very varied: this means you can get a very plain and clean piece of furniture, or else you can request a more detailed and elaborate one, where you can recognize the hand of an expert artisan.

A great help in our production comes from the latest generation machinery we employ in our production office. As a matter of fact, our company likes to keep up to date about the last technologies for marble and granite works, because our main goal is to give an even better service to our customers.


Come to our company if you want to decorate your home environment with wonderful vanity tops for bathrooms made in Italy, and start giving your house the look you always wanted.