Tables Furnishing Made In Italy

Silveri Marmi e Graniti has been an important company in the marble and granite working branch for over 50 years. We have been operating in many areas, like the funeral art and memorial monuments.

After many years of research and discussions, we established a very ambitious objective, which is far from our usual production, but is slowly becoming real: implementing the interior design branch, and become lead manufacturers for it.

You can now turn to our company for every need regarding the furnishing of your house. You can be sure you will receive an accurate and precise service for the creation of your house’s details.

You can find marble and granite columns, hobs, tables and furnishing made in Italy, and much more, for completing in an elegant and classy fashion the design of the environments you live in every day.

Italian Table Furnishing

The reasons we daily offer great quality to our customers are many, starting from the accurate selection of our suppliers, who only provide us with very high quality marbles and granites. Our presence on the interior design market has strengthened also thanks to the partnership of many years with architects and designers who appreciated the quality and the high level finishes, together with the care we put in the creation of our interior design products, bathroom design, and many other linked products, like our tables and furnishing made in Italy.

Our talent in shaping marble and granite and our aesthetic sensitivity are elements which allow us to understand in the best way the creative commissions interior designers and renovation enterprises entrust to us, creating a mutual trust and fruitful partnership connection, both for us and the final customer, who can be sure of buying a very high quality product.


Wait no more, and get in touch with us for any need you have regarding your home’s interior design, for your hobs, your living room’s details, and for tables and furnishing made in Italy.