Shower Trays Made In Italy

Come and find out more about how we make the beautiful finish of our shower trays made in Italy with the polishing method.

Polishing is one of the most complex finishes: it is obtained by employing particular rotary machines, with the aid of many abrasive materials together with water and pressure. Its difficulty comes from the attention which is to be put between the final steps, when applying the abrasive materials, which have the task to make the light glares shiny and tidy. Polishing is one of the most requested finishes for internal environments, because it enhances the colour, the efflorescences, the natural veining, and the material’s compactness.

You can turn to us for the decoration of any room in your house, even for some gorgeous shower trays made in Italy, made with the best marble on the market, as for your hob, and for your home design’s details.

Italian Shower Trays

Start planning the details of your interior design’s details with us, and choose the most elegant materials nature gives us for doing it. With our marbles and granites, which surely give a more classy look to your house, your office, or any environment you choose to decorate with them, you can create the hobs for your kitchen, columns for the meeting room or for your living room, balustrades, or even elegant shower trays made in Italy.

As a matter of fact, one of the most important characteristics of our production is a particular attention to the quality of each and every phase of the production, starting from the extraction of the raw material, which we entrust to suppliers with whom we have been working for many years, and this gives us the possibility to know deeply the level of their service, to the work, which is carried out by our artisans, who perfectly know marble and any of its reactions to the human interferences.