For over 50 years Silveri Marmi and Graniti offers to it’s clients, partners and retailers foresight and professionalism: a strong positive company that looks to the future investing in new technologies and practices a very healthy approach towards business. A company that wants to continue growing together with you.


More than half a century of experience make Silveri Marble and Graniti not only a local leader, but a highly respected name within the national panorama of marble stonemason’s.This made it possible for our company to articulate our proposal in four different areas, combining together our high quality products with excellent work force and meticulous attention to all our business.

Furnishing Kitchens Fine Art

Products and Services

Tutta la nostra esperienza si riflette nei prodotti e nei servizi che da più di cinquant’anni siamo in grado di offrire ad una clientela sempre più esigente. Contattateci: Silveri Marmi & Graniti è a vostra disposizione per qualsiasi domanda o richiesta specifica.

Products and Services Products and Services Products and Services Products and Services

Products and Services Products and Services Products and Services Products and Services

Special Processing

Subsequently, the extraction of the blocks and sawing slabs of different thicknesses, allows different finishes to be practiced on the materials, both on the surfaces and profiles. Silveri Marmi and Graniti’s long business experience makes us leaders in many special processes, ensuring the best outcome for all your needs and tastes.

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La qualità di Silveri Marmi & Graniti è comprovata dai nostri clienti più prestigiosi.

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